35 Things I’ve Learned By My 35th Birthday…


My feet look better with a tan.

A 7 pound Yorkie can steal my heart.

It’s always better in the morning.


It’s just a chapter, not the whole story. And sometimes it’s just a page.

Nothing good ever happens at the dentist.

I can travel the world, but Wisconsin is still the best place I’ve been.

It’s easier to get a tattoo than it is to remove it.


I lucked out in the family department.

Music is medicine.

There aren’t many things I love as much as reading a book. In the sun.


I have the best friends in the world.

How I speak to myself is as important as how I speak to others.

I need to stop plucking my eyebrows.


Yoga is always a good idea.

I hope I’m like my mom when I grow up.

Running clears my head.


I still need more shoes.

Do it. Even (especially) if it scares me.

My hair always grows back. Don’t freak out.

The Packers.

Life is too short not to take cream with my coffee.

Love isn’t a big enough word for what I feel when I look at my daughter.

I can wear makeup and be outdoorsy (preferably at the same time).


When driving on gravel, slow down.

I chose the right guy.

Love and trust can conquer anything.

My dad was right about that nose piercing.



  • Kate

    Happy BIRTHDAY! So happy I’ve gotten to spend virtually all of them as your friend 🙂 This list is wonderful and insanely true…..love it. Now let’s talk about that picture…..I swear you and Harper are baby twins – craziness.

    Love you!

    • suzanne

      Yay! I’m so happy you have, too 🙂 Love you!

  • Emily & Devin

    Happy birthday!! Love this post and all these tips 🙂

    • suzanne

      Thank you!

  • Anna Joiner

    Happy Birthday to you!! I’m so glad to be #15!!! I hope you had a wonderful day with your wonderful family!! Love you!

    • suzanne

      Thanks, Banana! Love you! xo