Monday denim blues.

Even if it’s almost summer, I still want to rock the Canadian tuxedo. I just can’t stop.

Denim on denim is perfect for when I want to look a little polished, but I don’t want to put much thought into it. It’s easy, super comfortable, and timeless. (Oh, and don’t worry. I don’t really have the Monday blues. I mean, that’s not even possible. The Bachelorette begins tonight.)

I like to think there aren’t a lot of rules when it comes to the denim blues. I mean, we’ve already been told we’re not supposed to wear denim on denim, so why now wear it however you damn well please? Mix light and dark, or go all out and try to match hues. It’s all good if you ask me. No rules, blue jean baby. (Actually, I take that back. The only rule? You need a good chambray shirt in your closet. This one is my absolute favorite.)

I love a monochromatic look, so I decided to keep all of my accessories blue, too. I’m just getting so crazy over here. I know.

Who knew it was so fun to have the denim blues? (I did.)

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